Our Services are straightforward, so there's No guessing. If you have questions or Concerns sent us a Quick note under " Contact Us " or hit the Chat Button and we'll be with you in a Jiffy

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Signing Up is Easy, Use your Email and Phone Number. Log-in when you're ready and choose the service (s) you want... Choose your Date and Time, and you're all Done! We'll take it from there. Stress-free Service


When you signup, you'll be met with our Greetings and be ask to choose a service(s) you want. Stroll around the platform and return when you're ready. Our order Flow is simple to use. We're at your service

PICK-UP & Drop - Off

When you Sign up and ready to Go, we'll Pick Up and service your Laundry and Dry Cleaning... and then drop it off before you know it, on your own time. Give Us a Try and you wouldn't regret you made the change


Our Billing is straight forward, Customer can see a clear Approximate Charge initially Authorized, just as it's done in restaurant. We hold the Authorized amount until the weight is check and the Dry Cleaning Count is confirm. Authorized amount is adjusted +/-


We're always adding to our FAQ. Whenever there are New inquiries , we add...

Our Turnaround time is with-in 72 Hrs. Guarantee … Our Average is 21.3 +/-  Hrs.

We have community Partners and In-House staff. Our Community Partners are the Mom and Pops in our Communities, we cannot leave them out. So we tried to empower them by providing more business opportunities.

Yes! However, many of the issues so far are primarily Email and SMS Text message base. This enables Customer to keep tab of their communications with us, this also help to synchronize Communication with our associates at Large and Customers in one ecosystem Support@laundry2run.com.

When you sign-up, we’ll Give you Free Bags as a Starter. Each bag holds up to 25Lbs, if you require more Bags, It’s $5 per Bag. Our associate will text or call you when they’re on their way base on your schedule you set. If you can not be reach, we’ll Paulse your Pick-up or Drop Off until you confirm. 

Yes, Claims are workout with the Vendors,… Cases where in transport there’s damage and/or other occurrences involving our Drivers, our insurance covers up to $500 Per Bag.

Usually, they’re worked out by the Service Providers: - Our Rating System makes everyone stay in-line

Insurance Per garment for Laundry services is cap up to Max $58. Insurance for Dry Cleaning Services also cap at Max $119 Per garment.

1- Max

1 – 2 Bags $20.

Extra bag(s) $5 Each.

+ Actual Laundry Charge / Base on Per Lbs.

+ Actual Dry Cleaning Charge / Base on Per Garment.

Yes … Just like it’s done in the restaurant… For us, Base on the information you provided us, your initial Charge will be capture, but place on hold. Until the Service Provider weight in the Laundry and / or the Dry-Cleaning actual count , before your final True amount will be initialize and charge.

Yes, You can signup for subscription, wherein you choose a date and time, every Month, Week or day, cancel whenever you want. Never worry about placing order anymore / Platinum Class … Discounts are available.